Sell on Wanelo

Shopify stores can now apply to sell directly on Wanelo to millions of active shoppers.

The Wanelo Sales Channel

By installing the channel, your store is immediately placed on the waitlist to sell in Wanelo's marketplace.

Apply Now

How It Works

  1. Installing the Wanelo Sales Channel places your store on the waitlist to sell in Wanelo's marketplace.
  2. While your application is under review, Wanelo syncs with your Shopify site to automatically import your products to your own Wanelo store page.
  3. If your application is accepted, your store will be notified and your products will be made available for direct purchase in Wanelo's marketplace.
  4. Any orders placed on Wanelo are sent straight to your Shopify dashboard to be fulfilled. Fulfill them with a tracking number and receive payments straight to your bank account as soon as they're confirmed as shipped.
Questions? Check out our Help Center or email us.